• A knowledge hub to facilitate innovation-driven and scalable practices in sustainability

    A knowledge hub to facilitate innovation-driven and scalable practices in sustainability

  • Incubate research applications and convert into knowledge products for greater impact

  • A think-tank for policy and advocacy aimed at smart sustainability in business

  • Establish a network of professionals and organisations engaged in sustainability

Who We Are

In order to encourage the sustainability agenda, the IL&FS group has established the IL&FS Academy of Applied Development (IAAD) with a vision to be the leading research to practice facilitator, a knowledge hub of excellence for innovation and a think-tank for policy & advocacy; to address the challenges and opportunities that are emerging in the area of climate change & sustainability.

IAAD is a "not for profit" organization and its mission is to create a new paradigm in continued education and capacity building through resource efficiency and conservation as the strategic response to climate change challenges. Read more...



What We Do

Sustainability as a concept has evolved to include environmental, social, financial, ethical, legal and political issues that can be both internal and external to the company. It drives companies to set goals and milestones to address specific issues.


Who we Work With

Recognizing the need for a 360 degree view on Sustainability, IAAD has set-up partnerships with institutions of repute, cutting across various thematic sectors such as technology, natural resource management, financing, policy & governance, research and capacity development, both within and outside India.




Here we share valuable resources as downloads for use. Do write in to us to let us know your feedback and if you would like to see any particular types of downloads. 

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We are pleased to share all the news reports and articles from the media in this section. Communication through media will go a long way in furthering reach and impact. Do read and share.

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