The IL&FS group has established the IL&FS Academy of Applied Development (IAAD) with a vision to be the leading research-to-practice facilitator in the domain of sustainability. The aspiration is to create a knowledge hub of excellence for innovation and a think-tank for policy & advocacy to address the emerging challenges and opportunities in the areas of climate change & sustainability.

IAAD is a "not for profit" organization whose mission is to activate a new paradigm through continued education and capacity building focusing on resource efficiency and conservation as the strategic response to environmental issues.

IAAD will leverage on the enormous experience of IL&FS in Public Private Partnerships (PPP) using it to provide solutions for sustainable development in line with the national agenda.

Areas of interest for IAAD cut across various sectors including roads, water, energy, health, waste management and education.

Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services Limited ("IL&FS") is India's leading infrastructure development & financing company. Over the past 20 years, the IL&FS Group has actively engaged with central and state governments, private sector companies and communities, to develop and finance infrastructure projects on a PPP basis. Working across a range of sectors, such as surface transport, water and waste-water, energy, telecom, environment, e-governance and education, IL&FS has been able to establish replicable models of private sector ingenuity harnessed for public purposes. This work has also contributed to the development of the policy environment in the country in support such initiatives. More details on IL&FS are available at


'To be the leading facilitator for sustainable, innovation-driven & scalable practices and a think-tank for policy & advocacy in smart sustainability'.

Towards achieving this vision, IAAD will work in partnerships, networking with multiple stakeholders including academia, researchers, practitioners, policy makers & regulators, community based organizations and investors with the aim of supporting the national agenda on sustainable development.


To embed smart sustainability through

  • Capacity building for 'sustainability in practice' 
  • Networking for knowledge transfer
  • Application of research on the ground
  • Incubating and catalyzing innovation
  • Upscaling & replication of cutting edge knowledge products
  • Influencing policies through advocacy


  • To place innovation at the center of applied research
  • To ideate research applications that match needs
  • To convert research into knowledge products for wider replication
  • To operate multi-disciplinary teams through a network of partner institutions
  • To build a network of professionals and institutions engaged in sustainability

IAAD focuses on stimulating innovation and leadership that helps improve livelihoods and strengthen resource security.