IAAD is a vehicle for 'smart sustainability' initiatives putting research into practice. IAAD focuses on stimulating innovation and building leadership to help improve livelihoods and resource security. Capacity building towards putting sustainability in practice, is the focus.

We use a variety of innovative tool-boxes and strategies to impart training, strengthen leadership and promote entrepreneurship. The idea is also to facilitate innovative technologies, products and services, operate knowledge networks and influence policies. IAAD's primary stakeholders are students, faculty, working professionals, businesses and government officials.

To accelerate the adoption of sustainable business practices and solutions, IAAD has mobilized a powerful network of researchers, scholars, trainers, policy makers, investors and companies.

Our activities are:

  • Training and capacity building
  • Strengthening leadership and encouraging entrepreneurship in the social development sector
  • Managing incubation of projects on academic campuses for low carbon technology development and transfer
  • Promoting research projects related to environmental sustainability, conservation, climate change & social development
  • Supporting internships and scholarships with mentoring
  • Conducting round-table discussions and oragnising workshops on key themes so as to influence policy changes



Poised at the cutting edge of the infrastructure sector, IAAD specializes in innovative techniques and mechanisms for sustainable development. IAAD provides a professional, dynamic and supportive environment for career development across a variety of specialized activities.

Sustainable development is always a challenge in the light of long time horizons, wide range of stakeholders and existence of direct as well as indirect beneficiaries.

IAAD continuously seeks to strengthen its capacity in the areas of climate change & sustainability. We seek people who will not stop at vanilla packages but evolve innovative structures and solutions that address the needs. Thinking outside the box is a key pre-requisite, as is experience in the field with a demonstrable record of achievements. IAAD is an equal opportunity employer. Please send your latest CV to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.